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Serving SFX


There are countless ways to serve the Lord and one another. Choose one that both uses gifts and talents and will draw you closer to the Lord.


By virtue of our Baptism, each one of us has the responsibility to use our time and talents to serve the Lord and one another. High school age youth are welcome to become involved on an adult level in the parish. Younger youth are encouraged to participate with their families.


Ministry can take place in the parish, in the church, or in the larger community in the form of a "Kingdom of Ministry." Ministries in the parish include those performed by both ordained and laity. The emphasis is on building the "church gathered" and bringing Christ's word and presence to the community in many ways including: liturgy, education, social needs, administration, and community and spiritual life. Ministries which "building the kingdom" are performed by the "church sent" and are done in the ordinary busy places of the world. They are visible ministries to our family and friends, our co-workers, the elderly, the sick, the poor and the lonely. In Ministry, we proclaim the gospel by the very fabric of our lives.